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To miss Taylor you are the best teacher ever and your weemee is amazing I hope you like mine because you'd is da iwan  miss Taylor comment down below how you think of my weemee . I love you miss Taylor and I love your Welsh and reading session 

miss Taylor

Ilove Miss Taylor she is the best teacher ever and she teache's the best lerning ever. She is kind and pretty . i love miss Taylor's lerning and reading sestion and she is just the best . I love miss Taylor  so much

Winter wonderlad

On Friday I am going to winter wonderland and i am going with my sisster Olivia ,Dad ,Mum and Jacob . I might be going ice skating with Jacob and my Dad  I am going to love it . After I am going for food.


I Iike Josh,Ryan,Taylor and all my woner full teachers.smiley

Best friends in the school.

My best friends are Darcie, Kane, Joshua, Rhys, Theo, Tyler and Kian.

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